About Us

****UPDATE****   I will keep the history of La Petite Salon staff below.  Most recent update...

Kelly Stubberfield has relocated to her sisters spa Flourish Beauty!  After 2.5 years of working together I wish them the best of luck!  Kelly now has a little boy born in December 2013!  You can schedule online or call her at the new salon!  
Jamie is still working at La Petite Salon and taking new clients daily!  Thank you to everyone for your support of this last year!  


Welcome! La Petite Salon is located on California Ave in West Seattle and is managed by two sisters, Calista and Jamie.  We've been doing hair for a combined 12 years - Calista since 2002 and Jamie since 2006. 

We are both Mothers and enjoy being able to run our own business and control our schedules, leaving us limited yet flexible.  Calista is currently working 3 days a week since her second child was born six months ago. 

Jamie is working five days a week but with varied hours.  We try to be open from 10am-7pm four days a week and Saturdays from 10am-3pm.  I say we "try" because it is hard for just two people to keep those hours all the time.  

We encourage walk-ins but also advise that if you are on a time schedule, please call to schedule an appointment so we can make sure you are well taken care of - 206.937.0886 


In February 2012 Kelly Stubberfield moved to La Petite Salon!  Calista is now a stay at home mom of three beautiful children.   Kelly is a great fit to La Petite Salon!  Call and book your appointment today!!!