Friday, November 7, 2014

Chair for Lease!

Know anyone looking for a chair for lease?  Send them into La Petite Salon!!!  I am looking to lease out a station for either full time or part time.  I would be interested in any ideas you may have! Make up services?  Waxing?  Hair?  Please stop in or call for more information!



Changes Can Be Good

I (Jamie) encourage my clients to make changes with their hair every once in a while! It's good for you! I also chat and listen to life changes with my clients.  Well this year was a year full of changes for me.  I appreciate all my clients that took the time to encourage and listen to me about my life changes!  As many of you know, this past summer the building I lease for La Petite Salon was sold.  We've all been watching West Seattle grow and change over the last couple years, some good, some not to our liking.  Im not exactly sure where this change will lead me, but I won't leave West Seattle, and I won't stop doing hair. Promise!  I am currently in a lease until August 2015 and won't be going anywhere!  I am currently taking new clients as always and continuing to grow in my business!   Thank you all for your support!!!  Kelly no longer leases a chair at La Petite Salon.  Her sister opened a spa called Flourish Beauty and you can contact her there!  I had a great 2.5 years working with her and wish Kelly, her Sister and the staff at Flourish the best of luck! 

I also recently changed the decor of the salon.  Back in March my Dad and I renovated the space.  With the help of Heidi Fahy of Idieh Studio and Ann Wolf of A Wolf Designs we have new paint and new decor! It has been such an uplift in the space.  After 7 years of business in the same location it was time for a new look!!  

Speaking of changes! The seasons have changed!  Fall is here in full force!  Our hair will also be naturally changing... getting darker because of the lack of sun?  Lets foil in some sun kissed pieces to keep you bright through the holidays!  Feeling a little drab?  An allover rich shiny brown sound like what you need?  Static is going to be creeping up on us soon too.  Deep conditioning treatment?  Call and book your appointment with Jamie today!!!  206.937.0886